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Motovun is an ancient picturesque town surrounded by medieval walls on the top of a steep hill 277m above sea level, overlooking Mirna Valley. On the main square, next to the parish church of St. Stephen from the 17th century, rises the Romanesque-Gothic bell tower from the 13th century, while the other side of the square is adorned with Romanesque Palace, the largest secular building in Istria of that time.

Around Motovun lie vineyards from which come the renowned Istrian wines – Malvasia and Teran.

In Motovun forest, which extends for miles along the Mirna valley, are the hidden kingdoms of highly prized underground mushrooms – white and black truffles.

Among the important events held in Motovun are: the International Summer School of Health, the International Summer School of Architecture, Motovun Film Festival, Veli Joze Festival, Motovun EXPO – fair of unique Istrian souvenirs, and TeTa – The Festival of Teran Wine and Truffles.

Motovun’s most prominent historical figures are certainly Andrea Antico (c.1480), the composer and the first printer of sacred music in Rome; Josef Ressel who invented the ship propeller in 1827. Mario Andretti, 1978 Formula 1 world champion and winner of the “Indianapolis 500”, was born in Motovun, in 1940.

Motovun and Motovun forest inspired the famous Croatian writer Vladimir Nazor to write his allegorical short story “Veli Joze”.

According to recent, more alternative research, Motovun is a very strong source of the Earth’s positive energy, the intersection of the so-called “dragon’s furrows”, the Earth’s energy lines, and therefore represents an excellent place for meditation and spiritual relaxation.

If you choose Motovun as your holiday destination, we guarantee you will enjoy the top gourmet cuisine and wines, the panoramic views and the nature, which will become lasting memories, and if you hear the traditional a cappella singing called klapa under the city gates, it must be your lucky day.

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